bid announcements


We are not currently bidding any projects.  Please check back.


bid documents are available:
Southern Reprographics
901 W. 7th Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

on the boards:

Liberty Hall Latrine Renovation Wings B&C
Camp Joseph T. Robinson
North Little Rock
status:      Construction Documents
Cabot Waterworks Maintenance Facility
Cabot, Arkansas
status:      Design Development

recently bid:

Electrical Upgrades -
Monroe County Courthouse
bid date:   09/21/22
status: Awarded to:
          Roberson's Heat & Air, Inc.
2nd Floor Mechanical and Electrical -
Prairie Cty Courthouse - Northern District
bid date:   10/03/2022
status:      Awarded to:
               Riverbend Air Conditioning, Inc.
New Bus Maintenance Garage -
Wonderview School District
bid date:   11/03/2022
status:      Awarded to:
               Western Millwright
               Commercial Construction, Inc.